eppiq Timer

No more Timesheets!

Fully Automated, Set-and-Forget time tracking for Digital Agencies, Creatives and Freelancers, Accountants and Book-keepers, Solicitors and Architects.

  • Hands free – no more Start-Stop button

  • Eliminate guesswork or estimated timesheets

  • Save Staff time filling out timesheets

  • Allocate time against R&D for tax credits.

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Why eppiq Timer?

Most time tracking apps rely on you and your team clicking on a start-stop button, but we’re humans and therefore we forget! Not with eppiq Timer – hands-free client time tracking means no more time wasted filling out inaccurate timesheets.

Manage your team

Time tracking


Accurately bill customers

How it works

The extension detects active tab, keyboard clicks and mouse movements to determine whether the browser is being used and logs active time for you. The app uses clever Machine Learning to assign Client time, so you don’t have to remember when switching between Clients.
And there’s a Desktop App so that you can track client time if you’re using offline tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc

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See where your time goes

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As the system learns the apps and platforms you use, you’ll start to see timesheets with client names and projects appear.