eppiq Timer

Who we are

eppiq Timer https://eppiqtimer.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Diginet Marketing Ltd, a company based in the UK with its registered address at Unit 6 Green Lane, Thatcham, RG19 3RG. Company number 07195305, VAT number GB990927866

Any future Service provided by eppiq Timer is covered by this document.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

eppiq Timer respects your privacy, so the purpose of this document is to explain what kind of information we gather, how and under what circumstances we gather the information, and what kind of personal information could fall under EU General Data Protection Regulation, i.e., Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

Generally, eppiq Timer is not for use by members of the public outside of a work environment, it is used by companies to improve process efficiency within their organization, as such there is very little personal information gathered other than an employee’s name and work email address, which can be used to allocate time against a cost centre.

Contact forms

Submission of an enquiry form on any of eppiq Timer’s website assets constitutes the start of a relationship between you and eppiq Timer, which permits us to send you marketing communications by email or text, or to call you on the telephone number you provided. You may opt-out of any marketing communications in your account profile.

Use of the Website

Users sign up to use the service at https://eppiqtimer.com/

Billing information and contact details of the person or company paying for the Service are stored by eppiq Timer for the duration of the use of the Service. When an account is deleted, all account information, invoices and access history are deleted, once an account is deleted, it cannot be reactivated, a new account must be created.

When an account is deleted, the Browser Extension will cease logging of Browser History

Use of the Browser Extension

Once signed up, the user can download the Chrome Browser Extension and begin optimizing their time tracking processes.

The legal definition of ‘personal data’ is “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. The information gathered by the eppiq Timer extension will not be used to identify an individual outside of the normal usage of the extension.

In order to use the Service, your browser will be connected to our server via a browser extension or desktop application, and information about your browsing history will pass to our servers for processing. Your company will have the ultimate decision about how to use and store that data, and how long to keep it. Browsing history that we store on our system will be logged against an anonymised user code, and is not identifiable to anyone within eppiq Timer.

Use of the Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor monitors two operations on your Desktop, 1) the active window and 2) changes to the file system you specify. The window of the Activity Monitor presents a live view of what information is being sent to the system for processing, any information that is not matched to a Customer/Client Name will not be stored.

There is a Stop button provided which ceases all Activity Monitoring, clicking the Start button restarts logging.


The Browser Extension does not track your location, or access any location services on your device.


The service uses cookies to pass information between our own websites and browser extensions in order to log you in seamlessly when you change between our websites.


Our websites use Google Analytics to track anonymized user journeys on our websites, for the purpose of improving the website experience.


We undertake to maintain a standard of technical and procedural security that will protect your data. Our servers and online systems use standard industry safeguarding methods of the highest quality, however no security is immune to sustained attack and in the event of such an attack full procedural compliance with the GDPR will be followed.

Who we share your data with

We undertake not to sell, share or otherwise distribute any customer data, past or present, to any 3rd parties without your permission.


Contact details

eppiq Timer c/o Diginet Marketing Ltd

Unit 6 Green Lane, Thatcham, RG19 3RG