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The extension detects active tab, keyboard clicks and mouse movements to determine whether the browser is being used and logs active time for you.

The app already recognizes 1000+ commonly used apps and platforms used by Digital Agencies, so there is no need to connect accounts!

  • Ad platforms (Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Snapchat, Amazon, etc)
  • Project Management (Monday, JIRA, ZenDesk, Slack, Gitlab, Gighub, etc)
  • Reporting (Google Docs, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Sharepoint/365, etc)
  • Web CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more)
  • Hosting/Database (Cloudflare, 123-reg, Digital Ocean and more)
  • Custom/in-house platforms
We use our clever technology to assign Clients, Projects and Tasks to the timesheets generated by the extension and present them in pretty graphs and tables, ready for you to download or connect with your BI tools.

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