eppiq Timer


No! Our systems know hundreds of platforms and we don’t have to connect to your individual accounts.

Yes! Once you have logged in, just click on Organization and start adding your Team. They will receive an email with instructions to download the extension.
If you have registered as Manager/Owner then you can have multiple Teams under your Organization 

As with all extensions, you can decide if you want to enable it for incognito/private browsing. If you don’t allow the extension on private tabs, then it won’t collect any data.

Just go to Chrome Extensions and search for eppiq Timer – or follow this link

Or if you prefer Firefox, you can install the extension here 

Yes, there is a 15 minute pause button right on the extension, so if you want to do some non-work related stuff, just click and the extension will pause for 15 minutes.

Even better, you can run eppiq Timer along side any time-tracking app, then you can decide which is the most accurate.

Yes! eppiq Timer’s Activity Monitor integrates with the browser extension and recognized file names/paths and window titles associated with a client. You can download it here