eppiq Timer


This is the name of your client, that is likely to appear on the pages of your favourite tools. For example, you might be using Monday.com to manage a project for Aston Martin F1, in which case please name your client Aston Martin F1, and then add aliases as below. If your client has a trading name as well as a legal name, it’s best to add the trading name here, because that is more likely to appear on a webpage than the legal entity (eg Aston Martin Lagonda Limited trade as simply “Aston Martin” which is more likely to appear as a client name. If you want to separate reporting for “Aston Martin” and “Aston Martin F1” then you should create two seperate clients.


Here you can tell the system about any identifiable or associated text that you would like to be assigned to the client; for example, if you use a unique email address to access the client’s online accounts (eg clientname@youragency.com or accounts@clientname.com) or if your client has a trading name or acronym they use, enter it here (must be more than 2 characters) (eg AML, Aston Martin F1, AML Formula One Team, Lagonda Racing, Aston-Martin-UK, Vantage, DB9, DB11, etc) These aliases will be picked up in the code of the webpage, from the account icon, for example.

You can also add your client projects names here too, if they are likely to appear in the text on a page, for example, a Google Ads Campaign titled “Monaco GP Ticket Offer”, enter that campaign name in the Aliases for the client.