eppiq Timer


Tags This is as unique feature of eppiq Timer, rather than having to decide what is a Project, a Task or an Activity, you can simply tag your timeline with an appropriate tag. You can also tag timelines and group them together for reporting, eg R&D_eligible or BillingRate_£75ph or Aston_Martin_Monaco_Tickets_2024


URLs If your client has subsidiaries or sister companies that you want to include in the tracked time for that client, enter them here. eg (toyota-iq-cygnet.com) You can use URLs to associate seemingly unconnected urls to this client (eg hubspot.monacogptickets.com) If you are a coding house and you want to include a localhost\projectname\ or a […]

Activity Monitor

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Names / aliases

Names This is the name of your client, that is likely to appear on the pages of your favourite tools. For example, you might be using Monday.com to manage a project for Aston Martin F1, in which case please name your client Aston Martin F1, and then add aliases as below. If your client has […]